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What People Asked About Wine and Liquors?

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What is National Food and beverages?

National Food and Beverages is an importer and distributor company for wine, rum, brandy, whiskey and all kinds of liquors in Delhi, India.

How National Food and Beverages Works?

National Food and Beverages working pattern is just like a liquors importers and distributors company; Who import wines and spirits from all over the globe and distribute it in India.

What Kind of Imported Wines and Spirits Brands They Have in Their Collection?

National Food and Beverages has a wide range of collection of Imported Wines and Liquors and some are Imbuko Wines from South Africa, San Marco Wines from Chile, Amon Petit From France, Ashanti Spiced Red – A Spanish Rum, Bayede Xo Royal Cape Brandy from South Africa. To see our full imported collection visit  We always aim to serve you better than others with our globally recognised brands.

How can I Create Wholesale Inquiries for Wines and Spirits at

We gave the phone number and mail id at the top of every page at So you can call us or send us any trade inquiries on these. You can also visit our contact us page and send your message by filling our contact form.

Is National Food and Beverages India Eligible for Pan India Distribution?

Yes, National Food and Beverages Delhi, India is eligible for all over India distribution. Also capable for instant delivery in all major cities.

Who made the first wine in the world?

It is impossible to know the reality because wine has been evident throughout recorded history. But in 2011, a winery from about 6000 year ago was found in a cave in Armenia. This is a belief that The world’s earliest fermented non-grape wine from alcoholic beverages of rice, honey and fruit was found in China around 7000 BC.

Why is Wine Costly?

The main reason for expensive wines is high taxes on alcohol. Wine costs also increase due to expensive packaging. Overall the raw materials are not very expensive as we pay to drink it.

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What are “The Legs” in Wine?

The Legs in the wine are the droplets which form with the edge of glass when a wine lover swirls it.

What are “Tannins” in Wine?

Tannins are made by the four primary sources; The grape skins, seeds, stems and the wood barrels used during aging. It provides texture and mouthfeel to the wine as well as weight and structure.

What is “Buttery” in Wine?

A wine with the characteristics of aged in oak, very high acidity nature and hitting the middle of the tongue like butter is called Buttery.

How Long can I Keep a Bottle of Wine?

An unopened wine can be enjoyed between 1 to 5 years and an opened wine can be enjoyed between 1 to 5 days. It also depends upon the wine types.

At What Temperature Wine is More Effective?

The ideal temperature for serving the red wine is around 60 to 68 degrees fahrenheit and to serve white wine is between 44 to 50 degrees fahrenheit.

At What Season Wine is More Effective?

It completely depends upon the wine’s nature. Some wines are better to drink in summer, some are in autumn and some are in winter.

How can I Store My Wine for a Long Time at Home?

It is too tough to store wine at home because if you take one wrong step; your wine can be bad. But if you follow all the below mentioned steps then you can store your wine for a long time at home.

  • Store your wine at a proper temperature around 13ºC.
  • Store wine bottles horizontally. It keeps the cork moist and increases the wine life.
  • Store wine in a dark place and protect it from vibration.
  • Store wine at proper humidity around 60 to 68 percent.
  • Store open bottle wine properly. It can last in 3-5 Days.

Does Wine Have Any Expiration Date?

Wine in a barrel can be stored for 10 to 15 years. Open wine can last in 3 to 5 day. Unopened wine can be stored for 1 to 5 years. So Yes, wine has an expiration date.

How Long Does Rum Last If Opened?

Frankly speaking, Always finish the bottle after you open it. But if you want the answers; then there is no correct answer available till now because an opened rum also has a long age of years and years just like an unopened rum which has infinite age; if you store it correctly away from heat and light. An Opened long time stored rum only changes it’s flavours and taste. But there is no case available which shows harmful side effects after drinking a long time stored Rum.

How Should I Store Rum?

If you store rum in a cool and dry area away from sunlight then you can save it for a long time even after you open it.

Can I Drink Rum Straight?

Yes, you can drink rum straight. But the rum with higher alcohol percentage enjoyed more with dilution.

Is Rum Good for Health?

Rum is good for the heart. It works as a blood thinner so that it increases the velocity of the blood stream and decreases the chances of heart attack. It also helps in removing muscle pain.

Is Rum Stronger than Vodka?

Vodka has 40 to 95% alcohol and Rum has 36 to 50% alcohol. So as we are seeing that vodka has a higher alcohol percentage so Vodka is more stronger than rum.

Is Rum Stronger than Whiskey?

Whiskey has 40 to 55% alcohol and Rum has 36 to 50% alcohol. So as we are seeing that Whiskey has a higher alcohol percentage so the winner is Whiskey.

How is Brandy Made From?

Brandy is a kind of spirit and can be obtained from any fruit based mass such as herbs, spices, dairy products, roots, plants, fruits, flowers, honey, or beans. Especially made by grapes.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Brandy?

Brandy has antioxidant compounds which remove the radicals and increase the number of healthy cells in our body. It helps in preventing skin wrinkles, poor vision, and other aging factors.

Is Brandy Stronger than Whiskey?

Brandy has 35 to 60 percent alcohol and Whiskey has 36 to 50 percent alcohol so brandy is stronger than whiskey.

Why is Brandy so Expensive?

Government taxes, the aging factor and the investment in designs make brandy more expensive. But not all brandies are so expensive; some are also affordable by a middle class guy.

What is the Side Effect of Brandy?

Brandy leads to higher sugar levels in your blood. So if your body can’t manage it then you can face complications and side effects regarding diabetes.

Is Rum Stronger than Whiskey?

Whiskey has 40 to 55% alcohol and Rum has 36 to 50% alcohol. So as we are seeing that Whiskey has a higher alcohol percentage so the winner is Whiskey.