Imbuko Merlot is produced by Theunis van Zyl who has been in this wine industry for more than 20 years and considers this red wine as the pride of the brand. Imbuko Wines is situated on the farm Uitkyk, near Wellington in the heart of the Boland Winelands. And is imported straight from South Africa.

Imbuko Merlot Review

I tasted this red wine with a beautiful outside view giving it another charismatic effect. One thing I wasn’t aware of was that Imbuko means “Admiration for…”.
So without further due let’s jump to the review.


In the glass this wine gave a perfect appearance of a red wine and charmed me with it’s very first sight.


The main aroma that this wine has to offer is the charming blackberry aroma. We can classify the aroma as lovely, clean, and very enjoyable.
The alcohol content present in Imbuko merlot is 13.5% per bottle.


I found the wine’s taste quite well balanced. It gave me the taste of a supple sweet fruit texture which was all in all fascinating.

Mouthfeel and Tannins

Imbuko merlot gave a silky, smooth mouthfeel and tannins matched the freshness of the fruit and had a smoother texture.


Imbuko Merlot had an ending with a long soft finish which was enjoyable. Again, no overtones of alcohol, which made for a nice clean finish.

Overall Opinion

Overall, it was an excellent quality red wine and met my expectations.
This Imbuko Merlot is INR 1500 for a 750ml bottle size which is an affordable and fair price.

Suggested Food Pairing

I suggest that Imbuko merlot wine would perfectly pair with seafood. And seared tuna, Thai curries, smoked salmon, chicken as suggested would work quite as well.
Or simply we can enjoy this red wine on its own.

In a nutshell, I will surely recommend you to get your hands on the precious Imbuko merlot 2019 which has got quality without a compromise. And this wine claims to have “Africa in a bottle” which now, I certainly believe in!