Wanting to chill, then Ashanti rum can be fulfilled. A perfect blend of hibiscus flower and ginger, this rum is imported from Spain. This spiced ginger red rum is bottled at 38% alcohol by volume and best enjoyed with seafood, seared tuna, Thai curries, and smoked salmon, chicken or simply on its own. Precisely, this is a perfect balance of spices which can be a rightful description to this rum.

In The Bottle

As you can see the description on the bottle is very attractive and informative. Its label is self-explanatory in itself. The label says that this Ashanti rum combines ginger and Jamaica flower which gives the rum its distinctive red colour. According to the description, “The Jamaica flower is a type of hibiscus originating from Africa which gives its unique red colour to Ashanti”. 

In The Glass

As we pour the Ashanti rum in the glass, its unique red colour comes into formation. The karkadé gives the product its copper colour, citrus notes as well as menthol nuances. The aroma is rich and spicy with hints of vanilla and roasted honey. All in all the rum appears to be very approachable.

In The Mouth

This spiced rum brings freshness and a peppery touch due to the presence of ginger and provides hints of vanilla and roasted honey. The heat from the spice appears to be carefully melded into the firm vanilla and ginger flavours of the base rum. The native Jamaican flower’s features are clearly strong and evident in its taste.

In The Throat

The Ashanti spiced rum spirit is easy to sip over ice with no discomfort. The spices do not carry too much sharpness but the exact balanced level. The finish does feature some roasted honey left on the palate but this heat is soothed with vanilla.

The Afterburn

The Ashanti red spiced rum is certainly a pleasant indulgence. This rum is balanced, flavourful, and delicious. The perfect blend of ginger spices and Jamaica flower makes it flawless rum and a must-try for everyone. 

Overall Opinion

The Ashanti Spiced Red Rum is a delicious and quality product. Its smell makes you want to drink it. The price is 4,400 INR for a bottle of 750ml and 20,000 INR for a bottle of 3L which is a fair price for such an elite rum.

Best Food Pairing for Ashanti Spiced Red Rum

We can try the Ashanti Spiced Red Rum with seafood, chicken, and other snacks. It will definitely never disappoint you at all. But if you want to enjoy it with their 100%, then you must try Ashanti Red Rum with barbecue dishes like jerk chicken, roasted pork, barbecue chicken, barbecue kebab, barbecue fish, and many more. Moreover, you can also just try it on its own as its flavors are independent enough to tempt you.

In a nutshell, Ashanti spiced ginger red rum justifies its own name and the company stays true in providing the best balanced rum.

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